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Welcome To Santa Fe, TX

Nestled in the heart of Galveston County, Santa Fe, Texas, offers a unique blend of rural charm and growing opportunities. Here, you’ll find expansive farm lands that evoke a sense of tranquility, providing ample space for families to grow, play, and even pursue their agricultural dreams. As the community continues to flourish, new business opportunities emerge, fostering a vibrant economic landscape.

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Location of Santa Fe

Santa Fe, Texas, is located in the southeastern part of the state, situated in Galveston County. It’s positioned inland from the Gulf of Mexico and is approximately 30 miles southwest of Houston, making it conveniently accessible to both urban amenities and coastal attractions.

5 Reasons You'll LOVE it:


With generous land plots and room to spread out, Santa Fe offers the perfect environment for families, hobbyists, and those who appreciate having their own space.


While maintaining its small-town feel, Santa Fe is experiencing growth and development, offering a tight-knit community while welcoming new opportunities and businesses.


New ventures and local businesses find a welcoming environment to thrive, contributing to the city’s economic vitality.

REASON 4: school spirit

Santa Fe’s strong spirit is palpable in every corner of the city. It’s a community that bands together, supports one another, and thrives on the values of resilience and unity.

REASON 5: small town charm

Peaceful countryside setting provides a serene escape from the hustle and bustle, allowing residents to enjoy the tranquility of open spaces and a slower pace of life.

Home Styles In Santa Fe



Farmhouse-style homes pay homage to the city’s rural character with their rustic aesthetics, large porches, and a focus on functionality.



Traditional homes in Santa Fe often embrace classic architectural elements, with features like gabled roofs, brick or siding exteriors, and cozy front porches.



Combining the practicality of a barn with the comfort of a modern home, barndominiums often feature spacious open layouts, high ceilings, and a rustic aesthetic.


For the 2023 school year, there are 6 public schools serving 4,365 students in Santa Fe ISD School District. This district’s average testing ranking is 5/10, which is in the bottom 50% of public schools in Texas.


Hot Spots in Santa Fe

These offer a glimpse into Santa Fe’s diverse offerings, from outdoor recreation to cultural experiences, making it a well-rounded and enjoyable community for residents and visitors.

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